Our Team

Jessica Tomaino

President, Founder, and Instructor

“Miss Jess”

Jess is the founder, visionary, President, and head instructor. Her education is a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Tourism & Recreation Event Management from Niagara University and an Associates Degree in Fine Art from Niagara County Community College. She has been a freelance artist specializing in pet portraits since 2012, chalk festival artist since 2013, and independent art instructor since 2017, and muralist since 2018.

Cassandra Calhoun

Vice President

“Miss Cass"
Cass is our board Vice President and part time instructor. She is working on getting her New York license for counseling and art therapy, but currently has her Masters degree. Jess and Cass are a dream team for paint nights and events.

A Team: The people you see in the Studio:

Amber Kelkenberg

Outreach CoordinatorAmber is a top volunteer and suppporter of WAHI Studio! She has held fundraisers and spends time at the studio assisting Jess and Cass with everything from classes to recruitment. She is the proud mom of Jackson, and they enjoy collage, acryllic painting, and chalking.

Jeremy Skellen

Chalk Program CoordinatorJeremy is part of team husband working on the studio’s fix-it-problems. Come Spring and Summer you will see more of him around the studio for board murals and chalk pieces in our lot.

Emmalee Olgin

"Miss Emmy"Emmy is one of our top volunteers. She is a childhood friend of Jessie’s and quite artistic herself. She holds certifications for elementary, early childhood and special education, masters in literacy, and has both Childhood and Elementary Montessori certifications.

B Team: Meet our other board members! The behind the scenes group that provides:

Grace Adams

Secretary. Grace manages our online administrative tasks, website, and board meetings. Her knowledge with Google helps us run this studio. Grace holds a Bachelors in Human Services with a leadership minor, and a Masters in Leadership in Higher Education. She currently is Coordinator for Residence Life at Hilbert College and also happens to be Jessie's sister.

Kimberly Graham

Treasurer.Kim resides in Maryland. Jess and Kim met 2 years ago through LuLaRoe and have stayed in touch and become friends. Kim is a professional financial and business coach and owner of KG Financial.

Corrina Langworthy

Mentor and Advisor. Jess calls her “Corrina the Connector.” They met through Mary Kay years ago and have been working alongside each other ever since.